Frequently Asked Questions

General Information
What is a Flash banner?
Can the average web surfer view the Flash animated banners we create using your site?
Where would I use the Flash banners that I make using your services?
Are these really free banners?
What is a SWF file and what can I do with it?
I have have logged in and was sent to your home page. What's the problem?
What browsers work best with your banner builder?
Can you install the Intro, Header and Banner I just made?
Creating Your Own Flash Designs
How do I create Flash using your online Flash builder?
Can I add image or sound files to the banner I build with your online service?
Can I add my own music or a recorded message to the banners I create?
Can I create custom sized flash banners with this online flash banner builder?
Using the Online Flash Builder
How do I download the Flash banners I create?
Publishing Your Flash Designs
Why doesn't my banner show up!
I have created an intro and would like to put it up on my site. What do I need to do?
Do you provide an online site builder?
Can I add your flash files to my Facebook pages?
Third-Party Ad Publishers
How do I Display my Flash Banner With my Banner Network?
What is wrong. I can't see the Flash banner or it looks distorted!
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