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Flash is the industry standard technology for graphic animation of web-ready designs. Flash also allows users to add sound which is why it has become the leading technology used to add interactivity to websites and advertising campaigns. This site was built to help users create their own Flash banners, headers and intros. We hope to be adding Flash logos and Flash slide shows shortly.

From our website, you can build your very own Flash designs with a few simple clicks of the mouse. Our simple to use, intuitive interface will allow you to create beautiful Flash banners and other Flash designs for your personal web pages or online ad campaigns in minutes. You can also use the Flash banners on networking sites like MySpace, on a blog website or for any other purpose you can think of. Let your imagination be the only limit.


Public viewers can create and preview all banners available but can not save or download their work until they are a verified member of our site. We require a valid email address for pre-registration verification. Once registered the user will be able to save, download, delete banners. 

Please note that the free banners come with a link to our Website on the banner. That is the only way we can afford to give them away for nothing and continue to maintain site resources.


To create unbranded Flash banners for professional web advertising, you could purchase the removal of our ad link from the bottom of the free banners you create. Purchase of the ad link removal service can be made from your user interface.

Banners created by users are saved to their user account for a maximum of 10 days from the time the banner is originally created. This gives users 10 days to download the free banner and test it for their application. If the user wants to purchase the ad link removal they must do so before the 10 day save cycle expires.

Users can save up to 3 banners within their user account. Once users reach their 3 banner limit, they must download and then delete older banners from the system to make room for new banners to be added. The user banner limit helps to keep our server disk space use at a reasonable level so that we can continue to offer our Flash products with a no charge version.

Click on the Sign Up link in the upper right of this page to register now!


Full Flash vs. Flash Effect

Our Flash intros, headers and banners come in 2 types: Full Flash and Flash Effect.

The Full Flash designs use Flash animated backgrounds with Flash animated text alond with the possibility to add a Flash effect layer.

The Flash Effect designs use a static .jpg or .gif as a background with a Flash effect layer superimposed over the background combined with Flash animated text . The advantage of the Flash Effect design type is that it allows users to upload their own images as backgrounds to add a personal touch. If users want to have their own images in the Full Flash banners they must have us insert the images into the backgrounds for them as a custom project. The Full Flash banner user image insertion fee is $20.00/banner.


Intros and Headers

Our Flash intros and headers and banners that are sized for those specific uses. The intro banners we offer are 640x480 while the headers we offer are 750x180. These types of banners are often used with audio for added impact.  

The 640x480 intro would be used as a splash page where the visitors land on first. They should then be able to click on the banner to be redirected to the site home page. Intros can also be set to automatically redirect the visitor after a fixed period of time through the html code used to insert the banners. You can find more details about Intros and html insertion coding through the Help/FAQ section of our site.

Headers are simply 750x180 banners meant to be at the top of your page. It can be used to add background music to your site. It is sized to be a header but can be used anywhere in a page and can easily be added to the borrom of a page to provide an audio message or music background to the page.


Audio Background & MouseOver Sound Effects

Our site offers users the ability to create banners that include looping audio backgrounds or one-time mouseover effects. Users can even upload their own audio to create their unique banners as long as the file uploaded is an mp3. Upload sales messages, music or inspirational words for your visitors to hear. Please note that the uploaded mp3 are set to automatically loop.

You can choose from our selection of looping background music files or you can upload your own mp3 for use with the Flash banner you create. You can also choose to incorporate mouseover sound effects from our selection of audio effects.


I have registered. How do I get going?

Once you log in, simply use the Quick Search tool in the right side bar and select from banner type, category and size.

Once you have created, saved and then downloaded your banners you can easily post your new Flash banners directly into your MySpace, Facebook, Blogger, Bebo, Hi5, Friendster, Xanga, LiveJournal, FreeWebs, Tagged, TypePad, or BlackPlanet pages.  Step by step instructions for adding your Flash banner to your pages on MySpace, Xanga, Blogger, Piczo and other popular sites are provided in our FAQ section.


Please note that this is a membership based site. Users must create an account before they can save and download banners. All banners created are Free but do include an ad line at the bottom of the banner with a link back to our website. If you would like unbranded professional quality banners that you can create yourself, you can simply purchase the removal of the ad line and link from the bottom of banners through your member account.


If you don't mind the small link at the bottom of the banner, the banners you create are free of charge.

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  • Create Full-Flash and Flash Effect elements for your website or ad campaigns.Choose from our extensive selection of backgrounds or upload your own images to add that personal touch.
  • Online resource for images, audio files and other related website goodies. Please note that some resources are FREE and some require a FEE.



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